Klaviyo: The Leading eCommerce Marketing Platform

When you want the right email marketing software, it can be easy to send bulk campaigns. As a marketer, you have so many email marketing providers to choose from. But, if you are a smart marketer, you may not be interested in sending many emails — a great ROI and sales would be the real thing for you.

Klaviyo helps businesses create memorable experiences across the marketing channels like email, web, in-app notifications, and SMS. E-commerce stores that have switched to Klaviyo have seen tremendous growth driven by the channels owned and controlled by the business.

Klaviyo features

In the Shopify ecosystem, Klaviyo is the leading e-commerce marketing platform. Various stores worldwide use it to send SMS messages, personalized emails, signup forms, and much more.

  • 1click integrations

Klaviyo is designed to eliminate the use of traditional marketing tools like spreadsheets. It integrates seamlessly with the tools you use and offers you an API that helps you create custom integrations to boost your marketing.

  • Data science

The data science features are specially designed to help e-commerce businesses to grow faster. Its AI technology helps predict the next purchase date of the customer, the amount of future spending, the number of upcoming purchases, and calculate the lifetime value of a customer.

  • A perfect pair with Shopify

Klaviyo can integrate with a variety of platforms, including Shopify. You can easily connect your store to Klaviyo in a few minutes if you have a Shopify store. Klaviyo helps to collect and store customer data within the platform seamlessly.

  • Self-service push notifications

Klaviyo has released the self-service push notifications. It is a quick and streamlined communication method with the customers; they send the automated push-tokens to those users who opt to receive them. The push notifications can also be added to both the flows and campaigns.

  • UTM tracking

UTM tracking is another major advancement in the business intelligence realm. It is a great way to track how a customer can reach your site by using the snippets of code, known as the UTM parameter applied to your company’s URLs. The data and insights help better understand how the customers react to your brand through several marketing channels.

Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

Pros and Cons of Klaviyo


  • With Klaviyo, you can segment the list based on some factors that include their behavior on your website, open rates, and location.
  • Klaviyo helps you to integrate with your custom audiences. When you connect with the two platforms, then you can easily target your contacts on Facebook.
  • Its marketing automation is sophisticated. So, when you use different actions and conditions, you can build the rules or flows for any subscriber situation.
  • Klaviyo is an easy visual builder which means, you are not required to have programming skills to create email templates, automation workflows, or install signup forms.


  • You will find the price of Klaviyo to be quite high. In some cases, the difference can be up to three times as compared to its competitors.
  • Support is another weak point of Klaviyo, and you will find many people complaining about the relatively slow customer support of Klaviyo.

What makes Klaviyo different?

When you evaluate Klaviyo with its competitors, it is important to consider several features to ensure that the tools align with your e-commerce requirements. Works well for any business.

Klaviyo stands above its competitors because it is easy to understand and use. You will find the email editor very friendly as the interface format is very modern and understandable. The real-time statistics are also excellent and accurate. Klaviyo offers distinguished and detailed reports on the previously executed actions, and one can build excellent plans because it is quite practical.

Bottom Line

Do you want to improve your Shopify experience? Klaviyo is specially designed for e-commerce brands, and it offers you a ton of features that could help take your business to the next level.

With their integrated AI, you can predict when and how much your target consumer will be at their next purchase. Isn’t it amazing to have the upper hand in manipulating the flow of your sales? Try it now and experience the difference!

This honest and in-depth review of Klaviyo is made possible by Michael Lamb Online Services.

Michael Lamb Online Services is a digital market research firm committed to delivering unbiased feedback on a wide range of products, services, and solutions!




Michael Lamb Online Services is a digital market research firm dedicated to providing honest opinions on a variety of products, services, and solutions!

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Michael Lamb Online Services

Michael Lamb Online Services

Michael Lamb Online Services is a digital market research firm dedicated to providing honest opinions on a variety of products, services, and solutions!

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