LiveChat: The Premium Live Chat Software For Business!

If you are marketing a service or product, you must offer prompt customer service to your customers. In this way, it would enhance the value of your product or service.

Any company nowadays requires live chat support tools to offer meaningful customer service to your valued customers. If you haven’t already integrated chat support into your company, you should do so as quickly as possible.

LiveChat connects with a wide variety of other sites, making it an excellent choice whether you choose to communicate with consumers on Facebook or through a tool like Slack. It’s also simple to connect with a CRM network like Hubspot and other helpful applications. Its granular admin capabilities make it an excellent solution for more prominent organizations with a team of people running a massive chat program.


LiveChat is the best live chat app to instantly connect customers on your website with support staff via an online chatbox. While several helpdesk apps offer live chat solutions, LiveChat stands out by focusing entirely on this functionality. It has many customization tools and merges messages from multiple online platforms into a single dashboard.

The software has three major components: a web-based chat window, a web-based control panel, and an operator application. The operator program is cross-platform, allowing users to log in and communicate with guests from mobile and desktop devices.

LiveChat is a highly sophisticated and simple-to-integrate live chat helpdesk service that works for virtually every website. This platform is ideal for running a company that might profit from adding live chat support to its accounts. You will also boost revenue and provide unparalleled real-time support to the consumers by doing so.

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  • LiveChat seamlessly integrates messages from across all the platforms your business is using. You can use LiveChat on multiple websites and mobile apps, even with a Starter subscription. You can also import Facebook Messenger, email, SMS, and Apple Business Chat messages into your LiveChat system to make managing support requests easier.
  • You can use LiveChat to monitor tons of visitors to your website in real-time. You can start a conversation with any particular user and personalize your message depending on the pages they’re looking at right now.
  • LiveChat takes profile protection exceptionally strongly, and all chats are secured by 256-bit encryption. Two-factor verification is available to Team and Business users.
  • A customer service ticketing system is a mechanism that helps the staff record, track, and address customer grievances. Agents can use LiveChat to create help tickets directly from a chat, manually create tickets, adjust ticket statuses, and submit canned responses or files.
  • Agents collect updates and interact with guests in the LiveChat Chats category. Current and recently closed chats are shown in the left column; the conversation to which an agent is currently responding is displayed in the center, and visitor information is displayed on the right.



  • LiveChat users have complete chat history for all plans except the Starter package. Chat archives are also discoverable, allowing agents to quickly find a particular chat without manually browsing down a long list.
  • The software would allow you to cope with your website’s help problems without thinking about the high cost of the assistance. You will also get input from your users depending on how you or your chat agents interact with them.
  • LiveChat’s integration tools allow for over 170 integration solutions, spanning many applications such as email marketing, CRM, analytics, and e-commerce.
  • The UI of LiveChat is simple to use. The majority of the required tabs are on the left and self-explanatory.
  • LiveChat has evolved into one of the most outstanding corporate chat solutions, with giant multinational brands such as Tesla, Ikea, PayPal, and McDonald’s relying on it.


  • LiveChat is more expensive than most other live chat tools, especially if you want to set up different agent groups or need more than one automatic trigger.
  • Their automated greetings are not as advanced as those used in other live chat software.
Photo by Melinda Gimpel on Unsplash


LiveChat is a highly effective and adaptable platform for communicating with your consumers through all of your online platforms. The platform incorporates chats from various platforms, makes it simple to collaborate within teams of support agents or through departments, and provides proactive support and security.

Businesses use LiveChat from every sector and all across the globe. Startups, small to medium-sized firms, and companies all depend on LiveChat for day-to-day customer support.

So, if you’re looking for a live chat tool to help you make your product and service more successful, LiveChat is the way to go. It can also allow you to increase your business’s conversion rate.

If you’re interested, start with the LiveChatInc 30 Day Trial Period, and if it works for your company, you can upgrade to any of the various pricing plans.

This honest and in-depth review of LiveChat is made possible by Michael Lamb Online Services.

Michael Lamb Online Services is a digital market research firm committed to delivering unbiased feedback on a wide range of products, services, and solutions!




Michael Lamb Online Services is a digital market research firm dedicated to providing honest opinions on a variety of products, services, and solutions!

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Michael Lamb Online Services

Michael Lamb Online Services

Michael Lamb Online Services is a digital market research firm dedicated to providing honest opinions on a variety of products, services, and solutions!

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